Instant Tomorrow

If you imagine a modern city such as Moscow in the space-time base, it is easy to see that the manifestation of the creative will fades as it growths from the center to the outskirts as if it is ruthlessly washed out from the urban environment by the centrifugal force. New types of typical apartment building areas which arising massively at the boundaries of the city are often  deprived of any super ideas and their design is based on maximum utility. Watching everyday life of these spaces I snatch significant pieces and disparate parts from the present reality so to add them together and get a picture of an imaginary future.

In this constructed world  the living space is saturated with emptiness and the things surrounding a man do not need poetics and lively touch anymore. In their desire to be got, they just evolve like flowers that formed a bizarre appearance to attract pollinating insects.
The whole machinery of life here reaches the highest stage of its development, makes a necessary piece from a person in a giant structure of care and serenity. But this antiseptic paradise-found is infused with melancholy and disturbing sensuality, and people are voluntarily prisoners in it, surrounded by silent echo of the danger of another world, which has no language to describe it.