Unifying Energy of the Atom

Unifying Energy of the Atom

Unifying Energy of the Atom. Russia and France. 

On the 25th Anniversary of Rosenergoatom Concern

For the third time Rosenergoatom marks these important events for the concern together with the Multimedia Art Museum, Moscow.

As part of the celebrations for Rosenergoatom’s 25th jubilee the idea arose of creating a grandiose photo project able to reflect the scale of activity demonstrated by these leaders in the sphere of energy production. Twenty-five French and five Russian photographers were invited to participate in the project ‘Unifying Energy of the Atom. Russia and France’.

The Russian photographers were given a special task. Each was dispatched on an assignment to one of Russia’s strategic atomic energy stations — the Kursk, Rostov, Leningrad, Novovoronezh and Beloyarsk plants, in order to relate their stories to exhibition visitors. Igor Vereshchagin, Timofei Parshikov, Zhenya Mironov, Ivan Mikhailov and Dmitry Lukyanov have compiled projects very different in form yet equally powerful in content as their contribution to the Russian section of the exhibit.

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